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Model: 029N
A true turquoise favourite the sky blue pendant has a classic rope edge. Necklace is 18" liquid silver with a little heishi beading as the perfect finishing touch...
Model: 483N
Traditional standing wolf and feather motifs on a 16" liquid silver chain with sky blue beading..
Model: 750NT
Fresh and simple design with great versatility..
Model: 109N
Simple sky blue beading on an 18" liquid silver chain. Perfect any time anywhere..
Model: 685N
Lively turquoise nuggets and the traditional feather motif come togerther in this necklace which is so wearable. Length 18"..
Model: 718N
Stunning 3D Dreamcatcher design. This necklace really needs to be worn! 18" liquid silver chain with turquoise nuggets...
Model: 717N
Not too big, not too small this is one of our bestselling Dreamcatcher and nugget designs. Matching earrings and a bracelet are available...
Model: 241N
Ever-popular turquoise nugget necklace, suits most skin tones. Colours can vary from sky blue to sea green. We advise you to purchase matching pieces together...
Model: 144N
Classic teardrop design with a rope edge. 18 inch liquid silver chain set off with sky blue beading..
Model: 092N
Simple rope edge setting, ice white synthetic opal, silver beading and feathers with intricate detail all work wonderfully together to make this traditional classic...
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